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Top 15 Best Website Examples for Creative & Conversion-Boosting Ideas in 2022

Top 15 Best Website Examples for Creative & Conversion-Boosting Ideas in 2022

Top 15 Best Website Examples for Creative & Conversion-Boosting Ideas in 2022

In the past, websites were primarily for large businesses with big budgets. But with today’s technology and tools, they are possible for businesses of any size. These small business website examples are from the IT, health, and real estate industries.

IT Website Example: Beast Code

Beast Code is small to a medium-sized technology company that develops software solutions. Now as a tech company and with such a business name, I had high expectations from this site, and it did not disappoint – and not just with the spaceship homepage and warfighter tagline.

What makes it great?

First impressions: Although there isn’t a prominent CTA button above the fold, it isn’t due to other distracting elements. The simplicity of this first painting (a subtly animated, futuristic spaceship background) has its impact on your perception of this company’s technical capabilities.  

  Video elements: In the Z-pattern, instead of still images, the visual blocks are video. Non-disruptive, silent videos that bring the page to life.  

Copywriting: Conversational tone and its ability to put complex processes into layman’s terms reflect intelligence, professionalism, and humor.

We start with primary care physician partner All-day, which has a mix of offerings for private practices, group practices, and community health centers—practice management support, partnership programs, an app, and more. But despite having a complex offering and audience, the website does a decent job of guiding visitors.

Overall feel The smiling face and soft portrait, paired with all caps bold font, give you a gentle yet authoritative feel.  

Organization: Intuitive, organized headers, as well as a small menu below the title, designed to help different segments of the audience find their way.  

Movement: Elements appear on the scroll, giving the site some extra speed and life.  

Resources: While the homepage has eight resources, the card-style reel with image thumbnails makes it look neat and organized.

With this website example, we have another excellent visual first impression, but this time back to Earth. What you see below is the homepage of Frisbee, a small real estate company in Palm Beach.

Visual Messaging: The image tells you right away that it’s a high-end realtor, and yet the warm lighting and “welcome home” title give off an engaging feel.  

Functionality: The property search function with a nice contrast blue button just below the image.

Movement: A common theme among these examples (and a website trend), elements appear and move slightly on the scroll.

Content: The homepage itself has neighborhood guides, which is a great example of content marketing.  

Accessibility: Website accessibility options at the bottom left, such as increasing or decreasing text size, adjusting contrast, underlining links, etc.

eCommerce website example

Ecommerce websites are like their own beast, especially if you have a lot of products to offer. Here are some examples from the category of verticals.

GoPuff is not your typical grocery delivery site. GoPuff creates a unique online grocery/convenience store shopping experience in the same way that Tend (above) does dentistry differently.

Layout: While most eCommerce sites have complex mega menus, GoPuff has a simple layout with a carousel format in its subcategory pages.  

Relativity: Between the products displayed (Pringles, beer, mouthwash) and the used copy (“We don’t raise or raise prices. Yes, you read that right.”), you can tell that GoPuff serves its target audience well. knows the way.

Consistency: GoPuff isn’t meant for your weekly grocery shopping. This is for you when you are in a bind and need something last minute. The concise, non-flowering copy of the site, the simplicity of the design, and even the absence of 90-degree angles on the site contribute to this sense of convenience and ease.

Jumper says that “Today’s rental experience is broken. It’s old, tiring and slow” and is on a mission to “change the way you rent forever.” I think they’ve got off to a great start.

Small Details: Instead of “Enter a Location” the search box message reads, “Where do you want to live?” In the illustration of the apartment on the homepage, there are towels draped over the balcony railing. These small touches give character to the site.  

Values ​​on the homepage: Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see Jumper’s three main values—inclusive, safe, and respectable—along with a link to read more. As we have seen in some of the examples above, this is becoming a huge priority for businesses of all industries.  

Graphics: Hand-drawn illustrations and flat designs are both website and landing page trends we’re seeing this year, and jumper nails both. Also, check out the “Hottest Cities” section and you’ll see the excellent use of emojis.

Subbed Asian Treats—a play on the words of the popular Facebook group—is a great example of a super small eCommerce business website.

Top Nanobar: This is common for eCommerce sites as you can use it for important announcements including sales promotions.

Emoji: We are seeing more and more emojis on websites these days. Adding them to the navigation menu here helps set each one apart—and it looks cute, too!  

Centered logo: Most sites have a clickable (on the homepage) logo in the top left. This one (as well as Chinle’s) is in the center, distinct enough to be below-unique to some other navigation elements but still intuitive enough for a smooth user experience.

Not so subtle. 500% sugar. case in point

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Service business website example

The goals of lead generation or service-based business websites differ from eCommerce sites. Here are some examples of businesses large and small.

For most businesses, it’s best to stick with the traditional layout and design of other sites in your industry. But as a design company, you can avoid going against the grain. After all, you want to show what you can do. Now a screenshot here doesn’t do Bourne & Bread’s site justice because it’s the scrolling experience that makes it good, so be sure to check it out.

Travel Theme: The site is designed to take you through a travel experience as you scroll. In addition, the video reel running on top captures candid moments in the office.

Values: Key values ​​directly on the homepage. My kind of site.  

Copy: Like Beast Code, these guys have a lot of fun. For example: “And to your right… more case studies. Please always keep your eyes and cursor inside the browser window.”  

Nanobar: The bar at the top links to an article about a recent accolade and advertises a nice eye-catching gradient background.

Moving on from design, we have an example of a dentist website—and a cool one. TEND’s tagline is “Dental Done Differently” and we can see it immediately on the homepage. let’s take a look.

Video: At about 10 seconds, the split-screen silent video on the homepage shows clips from a patient’s journey, showing you how Tend treats dentistry differently. Not your traditional explainer video, but very effective.  

Clean Design: No pun intended, but the simple layout is what makes this site attractive.  

Social Proof: Not only is there an attractive testimonial carousel, but the four tabs used to organize the testimonials also serve as business features. Very clever dental marketing!

Just like a design agency, an advertising agency’s website needs to be top-notch, and Eleven does not disappoint. Again, the screenshot doesn’t do the homepage justice, but you can still taste the brilliance of this captivating site.

Video Background: The full-width background video on the homepage is a highlight reel with tons of awesome visuals that deserve your attention (display above).  

Clean Design: The first Paint doesn’t have a prominent CTA button, and tastefully so. Simple white elements overlayed on the video background make the video the center of attention, which is the call to action.  

People-focused: Eleven not only has a clear diversity, equity, and inclusion section on its about us page, but it also dedicates an entirely separate page to headshots/pictures of all of its employees (plus their dogs).

SaaS websites can be tricky because you want to showcase what your platform can do without excessive visitors. Chartbeat does a great job with this through its illustrations and concise copy.

Title: Good value proposition with “Unlock the value in your content data” in the title.  

Animations: The dashboard image on the homepage is animated at just the right speed to show you the various aspects of the device, without it being too much.  

Unique Navigation Menus: Chartbeat minimizes the space of its navigation menus by horizontally listing items in drop-downs—a different but nicer form of organization.

Not a big deal: The homepage has very little marketing copy. Illustrations and customer testimonials do the talking while marketing copy stays concise and weaves it all together.

Portfolio websites are used by students and professionals to showcase their work and provide an extension of their resumes. Designers, developers, photographers, event planners, and models are just a few of the many trades that use portfolio-style websites.

Chinelle Rojas is a self-portrait photographer, logo designer, and entrepreneur with a great portfolio website. Step inside and you feel like you have entered his world.

Music: On the homepage, you can choose one of six songs to play as you browse the site.  

Vibrant Colours: Aside from a collage as her hero image, the color scheme in the middle section is like music to the eyes (? Just go with it).  

Personalization: Everything on this site is a hand-picked feel, making you feel like you’re one of a kind, right there with Chinley hanging out.  

Gallery Design: Her “My Black Self” gallery follows a simple grid format on the left, with a larger view on the right—an easy and intuitive way to browse her work.

This is a resume-style portfolio website example by a web developer named Brittany Chiang.  

Color Scheme: The dark background and somewhat neutral colors make Green Elements stand out, drawing attention to their company names and their CTA buttons.

Big Title: The big title on the homepage is here too. For business websites, this is usually the business name or value proposition, but the simple statement here seems on-brand for this portfolio website.

3-D Feel: The “Experience” page uses overlapping elements and transparent overlays to create the effect of multiple dimensions.  

Information Presentation: Displaying web development projects isn’t as easy as design or photography, where you might have a gallery, but Brittany’s “Work” page is very organized and easy to see, even if it’s all text.

Our last portfolio website is that of prolific designer Karim Rashid. It is a hybrid of a portfolio website and a business website.

Large font: Unique portraits, black/white/grey themes, minimal copy, and images of Karim’s work give him a cool feel, while the large font and bold colors are seen on hover are loud and clear—a unique combination that Balances out well.  

Parallax: Combining scrolling motion gives the effect of a site with multiple dimensions/layers—another way to have fun with motion but without the animation.

Sneaky sidebar: That part on the right that looks like you’ve zoomed out too far or are seeing some responsiveness issues? That’s what drives you to engage. Curious, you hover over it and it expands enough to show you an arrow with “see pr-“, then it cuts.

You click that arrow and boom, you’re brought into a new view of one of its collections. Or maybe you’re drawn to the white menu button, which appears on a dim background. Click on that and boom, massive menu elements are begging you to click.

Nonprofit website example

Our last group of website examples is nonprofits. You’ll notice that even though they are nonprofits, they are conversion-focused, where the conversion action is to donate.

When you arrive at the Operation Underground Railroad website, you can immediately understand its loud and clear, zero-tolerance, any-length mentality. 

Powerful Videos: The video background on the homepage gives you a wide range of emotions. From kids dancing to police handcuffs to horse riding missions, you feel the innocence, inspiration, and resentment all at once.

Yellow Accents: Not only do the yellow graphics stand out against the dark gray background, but the images used on the site are very real and, in the trenches, they are not of the highest quality. The yellow outlines in the images help to hide this and provide an extra touch of action and emotion.  

Button-style menus: With such a busy background view, the use of solid blocks as menu elements makes them easy to read and clickable.

International Women’s Media Fund

The International Women’s Media Fund is another badass (in its own words) nonprofit website example with powerful imagery and no-nonsense copy. 

Images as buttons: Below the large image carousel, there is a smaller thumbnail version of the image with text on top, creating the effect of an image button.  

Major Donate Button: This is the CTA you’ll see on most nonprofit sites, and the bright red box in the upper right makes it easy to find.

Mission in the footer: Instead of the typical list of inks in the footer, we see social buttons, contact information, and its mission. It’s not common, but the idea of ​​it appearing no matter what page of the site you’re on gives it an extra layer of integrity.

Strong words: All over the site we see powerful word choices, such as “We highlight the potential of female journalists as champions of press freedom” and “Meet the badass magazines we support.”

Websites are works of art. While most industries have their basic standard for how a website in that space should look and function, you are at liberty to achieve that look and function in different ways.

And you are also free to adopt ideas from other industries. So use the website examples in this post to think of and test several ways to welcome visitors, show what you’re capable of, put your best foot forward, and meet your business goals.

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