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How to Setup HP Printer Using

How to Setup HP Printer Using

Most of the people does not know what to do after purchasing a brand-new HP printer. Are you also facing same type of problem?

Wants to know what to do next after purchasing a printer? If yes, then you are at the right place! Here, you will know the answers of all of your questions. You just need to scroll down and read the article carefully.

The answer of the above question is very easy. Once you purchased your HP printer then you need to use the online guidance to set up your HP printer with your computer, laptop, smartphone, desktop, tablet, iPhone or iPod which is available on the official website

You also need to download the appropriate driver according to your operating system for your HP printer which is compatible with your system.

There are mainly three methods with which you can set up your HP printer at The first method is a wireless way, second is through USB cable and the third is a network printer. For this, you only need to make sure that your HP printer is switched on and connected to the same WiFi network with which your system was connected.

Also, enable the WiFi button on your printer to make it available in your range. Please select the model number of your printer from the control panel in the available range of printers. After that, enter the appropriate network key post that selecting the printer.

Once, you done with your system will show the dialogue box for completing the installation and setup process of your printer. At last, you will get the message that HP printer is setup successfully.

Most of you does not know the meaning of Basically, it is an official website used for downloading the HP printer software. It is an online help tool mainly designed by HP technical experts for setting up the HP printer to any desktop, laptop and smart device. It also enables the users to adopt the methods for effortless printing from anywhere on all over the world. gives you the answers of all of your queries related to HP printers such as the ways to connect with HP printer wirelessly, connect the printer with USB cable, install the ink cartridge in HP printer etc.

The answers of all of these questions are given on website. It offers you a user-friendly interface to set up your HP printer. To set up your printer, you need to access and then register your device with your extender device on HP printer setup website.

This website allows you to set up your printer by providing proper guidance on every thing related to your HP printer. It becomes easier for the user to access this website and effectively set up their printer successfully without any difficulty. It assists with the setup and installation process of the printer driver with a pool of frequently asked questions that are answered by the technical support team.

Steps for Unboxing the HP printer

  1. Firstly, you have to unbox the printer by removing all the tapes, stickers and wrapping materials inside as well as outside of the printer.
  2. Ensure that you have removed stickers, tapes, as well as wrapping materials from the control panel.
  3. Remove the wrapping material from the scanner lid.
  4. Also, remove the wrapping materials present inside the ink cartridge access area.
  5. Remove tapes and wrapping materials from the photo tray that is accessible from inside of the input tray.
  6. Ensure to remove all the wrapping materials from inside of the input tray after sliding the paper width guides.
  7. At last, unbox all the hardware and stuff with all the tapes, stickers and wrapping materials from it.

Steps to Set up Your HP new Printer at

Following are the steps that needs to follow for successful setup and install all the features of the HP printer at

  1. After purchasing your HP printer, you need to unpack the device and place it to the appropriate place which is free from dust.
  2. Check the source of the power connection before start plugging wires into your system. It is good to place your HP printer nearer to the power socket so that your printer will get continuous supply of the electricity and avoid any type of interruptions.
  3. Take the power cables and attach the power cables to the system and your HP printer.
  4. After plugging the printer from power socket, you need to switch on the power button located on your printer.
  5. In the next step, put the HP ink cartridge so that you can get the quality print out. Hold the cartridges from the sides and push them into the appropriate slots.
  6. After installing the ink cartridge successfully, check out there should be not any packing material. In case, you found any then remove it and load the papers into the paper tray of your printer. You will get all the details at website.
  7. Install HP printing assistant software comes with the device to set up your HP printer.
  8. Upload the printer drivers. Close the paper input tray and enjoy printing once the papers and software are uploaded.

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